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Nail Trimming: Nails are trimmed with a traditional style nail trimmer. The edges may still be rough, but the nails are shortened. Please don't confuse shortening the nail with smoothness. If smooth is what you want then ask about our nail buffing service! Nail trimming is available on a walk-in basis - no appointment necessary!

Nail Buffing: Many dogs are fearful of getting their nails trimmed. This could be due to hypersensitivity of their feet or a bad experience, sometimes a combination of both are to blame. However, some pets are more tolerant of having their nails shortened with a dremmel style sanding drum. Why you ask? Possibly because there is no pressure or pinching of the nail to shorten it, however, the nail does "vibrate"¯ which can feel funny too. The end result though is nicely shortened, smooth nail. Often times this process is more comfortable for your pet and you benefit because their nails don't scratch your skin, furniture, and floors! The downside to buffing is the rotary device could catch long hair on the paws or around the nails, making this service too dangerous to perform. We reserve the right to refuse this service if we do not feel we can perform it safely. This service is available for dogs only and not all staff members are comfortable with performing it. Therefore, we recommend calling to confirm someone on staff will be available to perform the service at the time you wish to come.

Bathing: Our bathing services include the following: Nail trimming, ear hair plucking and cleaning, bath, anal gland expression, blow dry, and brush/comb out. Pets with double coats, like Shetland Sheepdogs, require more attention than our single-coated fur friends, like Labs, so our pricing does reflect a difference. We offer bathing services by appointment and by walk-in if our schedule permits, which it usually does! However, if you need a specific drop off and pick up time, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment so that we can meet your needs.

De-Shedding: This service is priced as an add-on to our bathing service. We utilize Furminator products and tools, as well as, other appropriate tools to complete our de-shedding service. We have found over time that some pets benefit from this process more than others. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if you pet will benefit from this process without trying it. We also cannot predict how long it will last as pets that shed excessively can do so because of environmental or dietary reasons as well.

Puppy Intro: This service includes nail trimming, ear hair plucking and cleaning, bath, anal gland expression, blow dry, brush/comb out, and minor trimming. Trimming includes shortening of bangs or eye area, shaving of paw pads and privates, and trimming of feet. This service may be at a reduced rate from the full grooming service since less trimming will be performed. However, your pet must be in good fur/hair coat condition, otherwise the groom will be considered a full groom and priced accordingly. This service is not generally available as a walk-in, please schedule an appointment.

Full Grooming: This service includes nail trimming, ear hair plucking and cleaning, bath, anal gland expression, blow dry, brush/comb out, and haircuts from shave downs to scissor cuts. We can provide a style specific to breed standards or mostly we groom to owner specifications. Have a picture you like? Bring it with you! We'll do our best to achieve what you are looking for so long as you provide us with a pet whose fur/hair coat is in good condition.

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