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Doggie Daycare is fun!

Doggie Daycare is the equivalent to daycare for children. Your dog comes to play and romp with other social dogs, but does not spend the night. Unlike other doggie daycare facilities, our daycare is CRATE FREE! The only exception is we do crate the dogs whose owners ask for a lunch break!

So far, our pet parents and dogs are pawsitively thrilled with daycare! Just as we suspected, the dogs are excited to come and actually drag their owners in the door! Some even start squealing blocks away. An unexpected side effect is holding our groom dogs still during their grooming because they know the Daycare room is a hop, skip, and a jump away! We couldn't be happier to see our goal of making dogs happy to walk through the door come to life!

Daycare Structure

Our daycare is open Monday - Friday from 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Morning daycare takes place roughly from 8:00 AM-12:30 AM

Afternoon daycare takes place roughly from 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Daycare is available in HOURLY increments. Your dog will be introduced to the play group upon or arrival or as other staff is available to assist with a new introduction. When dropping off at times other than 8:00 AM or 12:30 PM it can be overwhelming for the new dog in the play group as ALL the dogs have to come to sniff and greet the new visitor!

What to Expect

FAF opens at 6:30 AM for your convenience! Ideally we like our morning or full day visitors to arrive by 8:00 AM and our afternoon visitors to arrive by 12:30 PM. Once any play session begins, we may not be able to incorporate your pet into the group. Since we do allow for daycare in HOURLY increments a little flexibility maybe needed in order to introduce your dog at times other than 8:00 AM and 12:30 PM.

Once our morning play session starts, the dogs have full use of the daycare room, toys, and lounge under close supervision. Some of our full day visitors require a lunch break. Those dogs are crated so they may eat undisturbed. For some of our finicky eaters, a nice warm lap is provided during their lunch break!

We ask that all dogs are picked up by 5:30 PM. However, we will stay open until 6:00 PM with advance notice.

Pricing (Includes Sales Tax)


  • A groom & play discount is available for those who want to play and get groomed during the same visit. Daycare is only $8.00.
  • Regular rates are $5.00 per hour up to 5 hours.
  • Maximum charge is $25.00 for a Full Day (anything over 5 hours).
  • If you come at least twice a week we will reduce the maximum charge to $20.00 for a Full Day (anything over 5 hours).
  • Value

  • Our structure puts your pet's safety first!
  • Our business hours helps to minimize interference with your work schedule.
  • Our structure provides the convenience of HOURLY increments.
  • Our play sessions provide as much as eight hours of total play time.
  • Our play sessions are CRATE FREE!
  • Safety

    We have decided to provide HOURLY increments based on customer feedback and research. If dog's are acting agitated and want a nap, we will crate them if the other dogs are not respecting their need to sleep. Otherwise, we allow the dog's to play or lounge at their leisure. To further our quest to provide a safe play environment, we are setting a limit of 20 dogs at a time in our daycare room. Due to the size of our daycare room, we have found that it best lends itself to small and medium sized dogs. We have some large breed dogs that our regulars have accepted. However, we will accept new large breed dogs on a case-by-case basis! Their acceptance will be determined by their play style and interactions with smaller breeds.

    We will increase staff members in the daycare room in conjunction with the number of dogs visiting.

    You may read about our requirements for Vaccinations & Behavior under the Requirements page.

    Our Promise & Disclaimer:

    We promise to always be diligent in accepting dogs that behave in an appropriate manner in order to minimize the risk to you, your dogs, and our staff. However, even dogs with the best dispositions can have a bad day or simply not get along with a certain dog. Any dog struggling to behave appropriately will be removed from daycare and crated for the safety of others.

    In order to participate in doggie daycare at Fur's A Flyin', it is important for you to understand these services are provided AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Doggie daycare application forms are available at our location or can be faxed/emailed upon your request.

    Who We Are

    • Fur's A Flyin' is dedicated to providing high quality grooming, doggie daycare and training at competitive rates and customer service with a smile. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience with us, we will work hard to make it right!

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    Business Hours

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