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About Fur's A Flyin' Pet Grooming

Business History:

Pre 2004: Tina Dickel, Lori Scruggs (owner of Westside Pet Parlor) and some other friends had been working on a business plan for a pet-related facility which was to include pet grooming, doggie daycare, focused retail, training, and rehabilitation services. Well into writing that business plan and searching for commercial property they learned that a similar facility was already in the making. After much debate, the group decided to table their idea.

Early 2004 - 2009: Tina learned that the organization for which she was the HR Manager was planning to close its Mankato facility. She decided to revisit the idea of a career change and talked with Lori about the possibility of expanding her grooming salon, Westside Pet Parlor. From there, Fur's A Flyin' Pet Grooming was born. Fur's A Flyin' opened on October 1, 2004, inside the Moore Oil Service Station located on North Riverfront. One might think this was an odd decision, coupling pet grooming and automotive services - we did! However, Donna and Tom Moore were also retailing high-end pet food at their service station. It ended up being a nice blend, until the Moore's were forced to close their business due to the spike in gasoline prices. In the Fall of 2005, after Moore Oil closed and sold the property, Fur's A Flyin' began remodeling their portion of the building from service station to full on pet grooming and high-end pet food. Life was good!

2009 - 2012: In November 2009, a box truck accidentally smashed into the back of the building, leaving a truck-size hole in our shop. This event led to Fur's A Flyin' relocating to a hilltop location, as we were unable to find a suitable property on Riverfront Drive. From January 2010 to December 2012, Fur's A Flyin' had a great deal of success at our second location. We always remained independently owned and operated and enjoyed the convenience of having retail and veterinary services available to our clients. Unfortunately, we knew this space was far too small when we moved in but hoped that the store owner would be willing to allocate more space to grooming if we demonstrated our continued growth. In the end, things did not work out as we had hoped, and the owner decided to re-utilize our leased space for the store itself.

2013 - present: We immediately turned our sights back to North Riverfront Drive as we liked our first location and knew we could continue to drive our success and continued growth in that area of town. We were fortunate to learn that one of our clients had just purchased 1522 North Riverfront Drive and was willing to work with us on the next expansion of Fur's A Flyin'. Thanks to Eric Hayes, we now have a facility that will allow us to continue to grow our grooming services, as well as, expand into doggie daycare. As of January 2015, FAF has now added dog training to our available services!

The Owners:

Tina Dickel, ABCDT: Tina grew up in the small town of Vermilion, Ohio located on the north coast. She spent her youth helping her grandfather and father train dogs to compete in water races and also spent time helping her father with the family-owned business. Early in life Tina aspired to be a Veterinarian, but after further consideration decided to obtain a degree in business. Despite this decision, working with animals and aspirating to own her own business has always remained the primary goal. In 1995, she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration & Human Resources from the University of Toledo, Toledo, OH. Post-graduation, she obtained the professional certification in Human Resources (PHR), through the Society for Human Resources Management. In 1997, her HR career brought her to Mankato. It was in Mankato that Tina fell into the hobby of grooming, handling, and showing Giant Schnauzers. In 2004, after losing her HR job to a plant closing, she decided the timing was perfect for a career change and business ownership. Tina obtained a certification (ABCDT) for dog training through Animal Behavior College and began working with Lori to expand Westside Pet Parlor. Ten years and two re-locations later, the business has continued to grow and the expansion is under way. Tina enjoys working on the business, turning scruffy muffins into a show quality groom or turning a behaviorally challenged pet into a canine good citizen! Tina is currently owned by a retired Champion Giant Schnauzer named Libby.

Lori Scruggs: Lori was born and raised in the Wells-Easton area of southern Minnesota. Growing up she was well known for her love of any animals, wild creatures, and pets alike. She was often seen caring for the animals around the neighborhood, as well as, the many cats her family raised over the years. Lori aspired to be a Veterinarian and began completing course work toward a Veterinary Technician Degree. In the early 1980's, she took a position as an Animal Care Professional/Veterinary Technician at Mankato Pet Hospital (MPH), under George W. Fischer, DVM, and his wife Dena. During the course of her duties there, she frequently came into contact with Kathy, the groomer at MPH. It wasn't long before she realized that grooming was her true calling and began training under Kathy's tutelage. In 1990, Lori made the difficult decision to break away from MPH and open West Side Pet Parlor in her home. Lori experienced immediate success as she added boarding, as well as, pick-up and delivery services. During this time, Lori also raised Standard Poodles, Chihuahuas, Persians and Siamese Cats. After much growth, she ran out of room in her home and decided to move the business back to Mankato Pet Hospital. After 20 years of working independently, she once again looked toward growth and took on a business associate, Tina. They relocated the business October 2004 and rebranded West Side Pet Parlor to Fur's A Flyin' Pet Grooming. Lori has owned and raised many pets over the years, but is currently owned by a Morkie named Lily.

Our Staff:

Donna Moore: Grooming Assistant & Doggie Daycare Monitor

Donna grew up always having dogs in her life. In 1974, she purchased her first mini schnauzer. This led Donna to learn more about pet grooming and she took over a grooming business just for schnauzers. Many times she would end up boarding her clients' dogs in her own home. Later she and her husband Tom, bought a small local oil company, and did business as Moore Oil Company. This business was located at 1429 N. Riverfront Dr. until it closed in the fall of 2005. Donna retailed pet food out of the service station and raised four Giant Schnauzers at the station. Donna met Tina through ownership of Giant Schnauzers and actively recruited Tina and Lori to open Fur's A Flyin' inside her gas station. Donna has worked for a variety of pet related businesses since retiring from business ownership herself, including doggie daycare. She is currently owned by two Standard Schnauzers named Jack and Kate. Donna has worked on and off for Fur's A Flyin' as a grooming assistant since its inception in October 2004.

Rachel Finch: Grooming Assistant & Doggie Daycare Monitor

Rachel grew up in Little Rock Arkansas, but her family moved to Janesville, MN when she was 10 years old. She has always had a passion for helping animals including strays and wild animals alike and currently plans on pursuing a veterinary technician degree along with learning more about the grooming profession. When Rachel is not working at FAF, she raises and races homing/racing pigeons and peacocks and is an avid hunter and outdoors woman who enjoys teaching her daughter Genna about animals and the outdoors. Rachel is owned by a Morkie named Austin and a Redbone Coonhound named Copper. She has been with FAF since March 2014.

Abby Hlavac: Grooming Assistant & Doggie Daycare Monitor

Abby has lived in the Mankato area her whole life. She graduated from Mankato West High School and is currently enrolled at Minnesota State University, Mankato. As a little girl, Abby always wanted to become a Veterinarian, however, her passion for sports led her to pursue a career in physical therapy. Abby has always had a love for animals, and this especially applies to dogs. Her family got their first dog when she was 4 years old, a Bichon Frise named Joey, and she is currently owned by a Bichon Frise named Jasper. She dog sits for her neighbors, and she has been with FAF since September 2014.

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  • Fur's A Flyin' is dedicated to providing high quality grooming, doggie daycare and training at competitive rates and customer service with a smile. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience with us, we will work hard to make it right!

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