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Welcome to Fur's A Flyin'!

Voted Best of Mankato -Best Pet Groomer seven consecutive years by Mankato Magazine Reader's Choice Awards. 2014- 2020. An honor we are humbled to receive. Thank you Mankato!


I want to thank so many of you for your support over this last several of months. Your continued support and generosity has really helped keep us engaged and "fighting" for our ability to serve you as safely as possible. Circumstance dictate we are going to have to serve you differently. It's not the inviting way we prefer to do business as we truly want you all to feel like family. We are all concerned about the well-being of your animals and staff health. As such, here is our plan to "safely" perform our services.


We will need to pre-screen you over the phone for Covid-19 exposure.

Humans: We ask that you do not bring your pet if you or any member of your household are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or any upper respiratory illness. Especially Fever, Dry Cough, Shortness of Breath. Many of us suffer from seasonal allergies. Just be vigilant about anything that is out of the norm for you or your household.

Pets: We ask that you do not bring your pet if it is displaying similar symptoms. Including, Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Lethargy, snotty nose or goopy eyes. Not only has it been determined that in rare cases humans can transfer Covid-19 to pets, but your pet could potentially be contagious to other pets with some other canine specific Upper Respiratory Infection. Please make sure your pets are current on vaccinations. If the rabies vaccination is expired before the date of your appointment, we will need to reschedule your appointment.

Entrance into the building: At this time, we have been advised that no clients should enter the building. When you arrive, we will meet you in the parking lot to pick up your pet. For safety, please have them on a collar or harness and a leash. Another alternative if you so choose is contactless drop off/pick up. You may leave your pet in our outdoor pen and once you have exited, we will come out and get them. If you must enter the facility, A MASK IS REQUIRED. No exceptions.

Methods of payment: When we call you to inform you your pet can be picked up; you may pay over the phone at that time. We do not keep your credit card information. We enter it directly into our cc terminal. If you aren't comfortable paying over the phone with a credit card, we can take your card and run it through the terminal when you pick up your pet. However, for a small business, fees associated with these transactions are high. If you are comfortable, we still prefer cash or check payments.

Grooming Instructions: If you are a current client, just tell us on the phone if you want a summer cut, winter cut, etc. We should have your grooming records on file. If you are a new client, we can video chat with you via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or Google Duo in lieu of you being able to come into the facility. We are also more than willing to chat outside. PLEASE WEAR A MASK even though we are outside as many of my staff have underlying health conditions.

Leashes/Collars/Other Attachments: All leashes and collars will be disinfected upon intake, just in case. So, they may be damp upon return. If your pet cannot go straight into the tub upon arrival, it will be kenneled. Once removed to get a bath, the crate will be sanitized again.

Affected Services:

Walk-in Services: are currently eliminated. All services require an appointment.

Doggie Daycare: will remain closed. New social distancing guidelines have required me to reallocate the daycare room for other functionality.

Nail trimming/grinding services: require an appointment. No owners will be allowed to assist at this time. If you feel your pet just won't handle the situation without you, I will consider owner assistance. Owners will be required to wear a mask.


Facility layout: not that you will be able to see this, but I have spent several days re-arranging workstations to ensure we can work 6 feet apart from each other. More changes may come as we see how things work.

PPE: All staff have been given a cloth mask to wear at work and to take home. Also available are headbands to relieve pressure on ears, safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs and face shields.

Hygiene: Half our staff have their hands in soap and water for most of their shift. However, employees are encouraged to wash their hands frequently, especially after transactions. All staff are permitted to wash their hands as frequently as they feel necessary and hand sanitizer, tissues, waste baskets are all readily available. Additionally, we already had really good cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting processes in place pre Covid-19. However, our new rule of thumb focuses more on human touch surfaces. If you touch it or see someone touch it disinfect it, this includes our tools of trade.

Facility: As stated before we already clean, sanitize, and disinfect the facility daily. We will continue to do so with special emphasis on touch surfaces. Additionally, we change out our furnace filters and empty trash as needed.

Health: Employees will be screened before each shift to ensure they are well. Sick employees demonstrating Covid-19 or upper respiratory symptoms not consistent with seasonal allergies will stay home or be sent home and not permitted to return to work until medical clearance is given. Vulnerable staff have been put on a "furlough" until it is deemed safer for them to work. Any staff member who would prefer to Stay at Home may still do so if there is a Safer at Home order in effect.


We take great pride in providing high quality results. We will work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with your pet's experience with us regardless of the changes due to Covid-19.

To schedule an appointment or to obtain more information Contact Us or call 507-388-3163.

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